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  2. I love this post. My favorite part is the idea of being able to still 282wipe my own ass” when I’m 90 :) I needed to read this today!I LOVE BRUSSELS SPROUTS. I always forget about them. I am totally going to make some this week now!

  3. Hey, while I know you don't want to leave your awesome little house, I think it is great that you guys are going to simplify and save some cash at the same time. Let me know when you are moving…I am coming over to help!!! Have an awesome day!

  4. Yet again while having validity we see what I think is the wrong perspective on this Israeli argument. Yes, sure, Phil and others say with that measure of validity, we *used* to do those things but don’t anymore. But the jibe still resonates. Seems to me the added retort ought to be “so if you want to behave like ethnic cleansers and racists of old go ahead, but don’t then pretend you’re something else just to get American money and support.”


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